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Fountain Gate Automotive - Professional Mechanics in Berwick

car serviceAre you tired of your car breaking down and looking for a professional mechanic in Berwick who can fix your car properly?

Fountain Gate Automotive can be your ultimate rescue. We are the leading name in the automotive industry serving you with comprehensive car service in Berwick and the surrounding suburbs.

We have an experience of over 30 years in the industry and have been successfully catering to all your car related issues - regardless of it being simple or complex. As we are equipped with the latest tools and equipment, our team has the expertise to deliver accurate service at one go. Moreover, our services will not break your bank; hence if you are looking forward to a reliable team of mechanics to assist you with your car repair in Berwick, you know your choice.

What Services Do We Offer?

Our professional and friendly team of Fountain Gate Automotive provides you with the following services:

  • Logbook Servicing - Our team is proficient enough to carry out log book servicing as per the manufacturer's specifications.
  • Roadworthy Inspection - We are a VicRoads accredited roadworthy tester. We will assess your car and determine whether your car is safe for use. If it is found safe, we will further provide you with the roadworthy certificate.
  • Steering and Suspension - Our team will properly align your steering, work on the tyre wear and improve your car's fuel efficiency. We can also repair steering and suspension components if required.
  • EFI Tuning - We will tune your EFI system regardless of what make and model your car is. This will ensure that your motor works in the best condition and doesn't get malfunctioned by any chance.
  • Automatic Transmission Servicing -  Even your transmission needs servicing and repairs just like any other part of your car. Our team will professionally carry out this part providing you with a transmission that looks like near to new.
  • Batteries and Clutch Service - We can supply you a quality battery in case your car needs a replacement. Additionally, we can also serve you with the clutch repairs in a way that your car delivers the power quickly and efficiently.
  • Cooling System Repairs- Our professional team will assess your car's cooling system and carry out the necessary repairs to ensure it is running at a good temperature. If needed, we can also replace the leaking head gaskets.
  • Other Services - Apart from the above-mentioned services, we can also look after your tyre fitting, exhaust system fitting and windscreen replacement.

So, in case you think your car is giving you some problems and are in search of a car mechanic in Berwick, do not delay. Simply contact us on (03) 9704 6465 and book an appointment.