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Fountain Gate Automotive Services - Local Roadworthy Experts

Are you buying, selling or re-registering your car? If you are planning any of these, it is imperative for you to undertake a roadworthy inspection. This is because every car needs a roadworthy certificate in Hallam and other surrounding suburbs stating that it is safe to use and is following the standards set by Vic Roads.

Fountain Gate Automotive Services is your local team of car mechanics near Hallam having experience of over 35 years in the car service industry. We are a VicRoads licensed tester and have the authority to issue you a roadworthy certificate after carrying out a detailed assessment of your car. Hence, you can be sure that with us, the roadworthy inspection will be carried out accurately. 

How Do We Carry Out A Roadworthy Inspection?

Our professional team will first inspect the present condition of your car. This assessment will highlight the issues and necessary repairs that your car needs to undertake. Do not fret here, as we have all the knowledge and expertise to carry out the repairs if needed. 

A roadworthy inspection is not limited to following the set standards and giving the safety you desire while driving. In addition, it even gives you the assurance that you can plan long trips as your car won't face any undesirable situation like a breakdown. So, it is always recommended to carry out inspection from a trusted and licensed car mechanic near Hallam.     

Get Your Roadworthy Certificate Today

It is not just about undertaking regular car service in Hallam. It is much more than that! And, when you are selling, buying or re-registering, you will specifically need a roadworthy inspection to find out the present condition of your car. So, if that's the case, don't wait. Simply book your appointment today on (03) 9704 6465. One of our professional team members will assist you with the entire process.