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Alternator/Starter Replacement

We can test alternator charging rate and replace the alternator if needed.

We can check the starter motor and starter system.


We check battery performance and can replace batteries.

Belts & Hoses

We can check and replace timing belts and drive belts, as well as cooling, heater and radiator hoses.

We can check pulley and tensioner condition.


We carry out all your brake servicing needs including, disc rotors, brake shoes, drums, wheel cylinders, brake lines, hoses and even repair or adjust your handbrake.

We can also machine your brake discs/rotors.

Diagnostics/Engine Management

We can use an automotive scan tool (scanner) to interface with, diagnose and reprogram vehicle control modules.

Exhaust Service

We repair or replace the muffler, exhaust pipe, catalytic converter, oxygen sensor, exhaust manifold and all exhaust gaskets.

Fuel Systems

We can repair anything from carburettors to highly technical fuel injection problems. We carry out diagnostic work and also repair faulty components like the fuel pump, fuel injectors, fuel pressure regulator, fuel tank or even just a fuel filter.

Heater & A/C

We conduct all repairs on car cooling and heating systems.

Hot Wash

For the DIY Mechanic, we can wash your parts at 100 degrees celcius, ready to be put back on your car like brand new.


We can check and repair lighting systems, from globes to lenses. We can also assist in after-market lighting.

Radiator replacement

We can check for overheating, leaking coolant, losing pressure and replace your radiator.

Maintenance/Logbook Servicing

We carry out minor and major servicing.

We can perform your Log Book Service without affecting your statutory warranty.


Also known as a Certificate of Roadworthiness or RWC shows that your vehicle’s safe enough to be used on public roads. A roadworthy is required whenever a vehicle is sold, if it’s being re-registered and to clear some defect notices.


We repair all types of suspension problems. Whether your shock absorbers are worn and bouncy, leaking oil or you just need a bush replaced.

Transmission Repairs & Servicing

We can organise repairs of faulty transmissions.

We can also replace the transmission fluid, filter and gasket making your transmission run better and prolonging the life of the transmission.


We can organise to have new tyres fitted, wheel balancing and an alignment. We can also rotate your wheels.

Tune Up

Is a type of preventative maintenance, where several parts are replaced, like air filter and fuel filter, cleaning throttle bodies and replacing spark plugs.